A colourful thank you
for Greenhouse’s household helps

For most busy families, household help is a gift sent from above. One of the largest household help companies in Belgium is Greenhouse with over 3400 people helping others day in, day out. Together with their partner Securex, Greenhouse applies the philosophy ‘happy employees ensure satisfied clients’, which we also subscribe to. To show their appreciation, Greenhouse asked us to create a calendar for 2019, sharing 52 tips for spotless and safe results. We took the underlying concept and turned the tips into something real and original.

To give the initial idea an extra dimension - literally - we built a different setting for each season in one of the brand colours. The settings were five by four metres and furnished with interior objects in the same colour for a fun ton sur ton effect. Each tip was photographed multiple times so we could assemble the perfect collection. The result is a feel-good calendar with 52 colourful images that almost invite the user to jump in.

Securex, GreenHouse


set design, art-direction, photography, campaign, tactile, interior

creative director
Jim Van Raemdonck

Emiel Penninckx, Gert Philips

Jo & Bi Schutte

From converting the brief into a unique idea to building and photographing the stage-like settings: we did it all. As we like things to move forward, we temporarily moved our office to the factory hall we rented. Two months of meticulous work now proudly hangs on the wall of over 3000 houses.