Cordonnier’s campaign knocked everybody's socks off

Cordonnier is a former hosiery factory in Wetteren. In the coming years it will be transformed into a creative hotspot where people will gather, work and create. To mark the imminent repurposing of the building the town organised an exhibition presenting projects from the local creative industry.

The expo was named ‘21.06 Cordonnier’ and we were not only asked to participate but also to create the exhibition’s visual identity. We decided to hint to the past in a quirky way and painted socks on a model’s feet and legs. We shot different campaign images of her feet in the air and spread the different posters throughout the city. We also handpainted the exhibition’s name and details on white posters to continue the theme of the brush stroke. This was a colourful eye-catcher that excited people’s imagination and promoted the exhibition.

City of Wetteren



art-direction, exhibition,
branding, typography

creative director
Jim Van Raemdonck

Phoebe De Corte

Dries Caekebeke