An everlasting impression for Belgium
at World Expo Milano 2015

In 2014, Besix and Patrick Genard contacted us to do the scenography for the pavillion, and to bring the two-dimensional world of graphic design into the three-dimensional world of architecture. There was only one condition: everything had to be done by hand. Of course, we said yes!

We designed the entrance hall, which was a staggering 30 metres long, and handcrafted the internal signage. The whole team of Coming Soon jumped on a plane to Milan, and within a month we turned part of the building site into an impressive pavilion that drew people in.

The theme of the Belgian pavilion was “Our food, our world – Producing responsibly and consume with intelligence”, and focused on the balance between people and nature in food production and consumption. The 2717-square metre pavilion consisted of several areas with multiple exhibition spaces.

Belgian General Commission for ExpoMilano 2015

Besix/Van Houdt & Patrick Genard asociados


typography, graphic design, tactile, interior, event

creative Director & production
Jim Van Raemdonck

Phoebe De Corte (typography)

team Milan
An Tondeleir, Phoebe De Corte, Juliette Gerbaux, Lies Van Assche, Jim Van Raemdonck, Dries Caeckebeke, Kobe Mertens, Jonas Lievens

film & montage
The Others (Barcelona)