Safety first!

That construction workers have to be careful at their job seems the most obvious thing in the world. A sturdy helmet, special shoes and loads of safety precautions, makes sense no? Nobody asks any questions about that. But did you know that as a home helper in the familiar houses of your clients, you have to face a lot of unsafe situations, day after day? Every year, hundreds of accidents take place, sometimes with severe consequences. And each accident, small or big, is 1 too many. Accidents may happen. Carelessness, bad habits and then they will happen quickly.

We created a comic with easy to understand drawings. Our comic takes a look at the difference between safe and unsafe work. The risks of stairs or the incorrect use of the cleaning products? The slippery floor or loose cables, everything is covered. Small, practical tricks that can prevent a lot of mishaps.


paper-art, art-direction

creative director
Jim Van Raemdonck

Dries Caekebeke, Kelly De Ceuninck, Maarten Leenknecht