Land of milk and honey
The adventures of the godwit chick

In this short film, the story of Dutch farmland is told from the unique perspective of a godwit chick. Imagine yourself 3 inches tall, weighing about 30 grams. In a jungle of thick grass you try to find your way...

'Land of milk and honey' illustrates the consequences of intensified agricultural use of meadows for the birds that breed here. Consequences that we as humans are hardly aware of. Our national bird is having a tough time. If we continue this way, the godwit will soon disappear from the Dutch landscape.

PolderPracht is an initiative of Vogelbescherming Nederland (Birdlife Netherlands).

This project was made possible by the participants of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.
This project was co-financed by the European Commission.

Birdlife Netherlands


set design, art-direction, campaign, movie

creative director
Jim Van Raemdonck

Phoebe De Corte, Kobe Mertens, Dries Caekebeke

Dries Caekebeke