De Gentse Feesten,
How are you feeling?

We collaborated with the city of Ghent to develop a unique identity for the most popular festival of Ghent ‘De Gentse Feesten’.

In the Ghent dialect ‘Gense Fieste’ is a multicultural music and theatre festival in the city of Ghent, Belgium. About 2 million visitors attend the festival every year, making it one of the biggest cultural and popular festivals in Europe.

We created our concept by asking ourselves the question: what influence does the Ghent Festival have on its visitors? This festival makes them smile, enjoy, discover, happy, ecstatic, astonished, curious

We decided not to use only one campaign image but a series of images that depict these different feelings. We held the biggest casting ever in the history of Soon in Ghent and surroundings & at the end this left us with 10 strong portraits which will be used throughout this campaign.

Stad Gent


Campaign identity

Fiebe De Muynck

creative director
Jim Van Raemdonck

Schutte Photography

video Production
Pelican Street Studios

Steven Raes