Conquering Flanders with Imec’s travelling technology expo

The Belgian company Imec is an international R&D and innovation hub. They know a thing or two about technology and love to share their passion with other people. Imec dreamt of an interactive, travelling pop-up exhibition that introduced their latest technological innovations to the public: the Techpeditie. This was a great idea but also a creative and logistic challenge.

We created a concept Imec could build and dismantle in one single day. This was very important as they wanted to visit thirteen cities in only seven months. We designed a circular construction of eight containers or modules, in which technological innovations were displayed. The visitor was challenged via gamification and young and old alike had fun while learning more about technology.



exposition, pop-up, construction, logistics

creative director
Jim Van Raemdonck

concept & construction

interior design

graphic design

On March 8 2018, Philippe Muyters (Minister for Work, the Economy, Innovation and Sport) opened the exhibition in Ghent. The Techpeditie travelled throughout Flanders from May to October 2018, stopping in 13 different cities.